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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Feeling Fortuitous...

I am in a crazy "sort out and tidy everything up" mood this week...did the front garden and the shed yesterday evening and moved onto my jewellery and my kitchen drawer today...I have one of those kitchen drawers that I shove everything into and when the front fell off it this morning I knew it was time to empty it and sort through all the crap in there...and I am glad I did!!!

Nestling at the bottom was my beloved Samsung Tocca...which I ruined last year by drowning it in Malibu and coke...sent it away to be repaired and came back in a little jiffy envelope with the cause of death...alcoholic poisoning!!! So was going to finally throw it away but thought I would check it one last time and plugged in the charger...to my amazement the little battery charging symbol appeared...managed to turn it on, inserted the sim and my little baby works again...it still has all my photos, music and videos and texts on it and everything works...I am still in shock but a happy shock!!!

So back to the jewellery...which this morning looked like this...

and now looks like this...

I have five of these boxes, courtesy of the pound shop, full with my arm candy and bling, I can see everything, nothing is tangled and I just know that my Mum is going to be so proud of me ;-)...if only the rest of my house was this organised...no more untangling bracelets in the morning and hunting for the perfect ring to match my outfit...god I am a geek, but it probably means I can have an extra ten minutes in bed every day!!!

Had my gorgeous Tilda and Edwin stamps out last night and all those paper scraps again...I am trying to make up for the fact that I spent over £30 on new papers last week...which haven`t arrived yet luckily...and I created these two cards...

And I have just completed this layout using yet more scraps...this is not going to last you know, using all my offcuts, as soon as I get that parcel from craft obsessions I am going to be drooling over my new papers and cutting into them like a crazy masochist!!!

These arrived today...well my neighbour very kindly looked after them for me until I got home from work...My two new 12x12 albums in Hot Pink and Espresso...they were only £6.75 each and you can buy similar here

Also had a play with the camera in the garden tonight and love this shot of my fuschia`s from one of my hanging baskets.

So I have had a terrific Tuesday, very eventful, great lessons but suffered with my toothache today...have been having crazy Tom Hanks style Castaway thoughts of knocking it out with an Ice skate but am just going to take another Neurofen and hope the pain eventually goes away...off now to play with my Touchscreen Tocca...yep I know I am sad!!!

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