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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Scouseland and Sports Day Sunshine!!!

I am really starting to appreciate my midweek days off, especially when the sun shines as beautifully as it did today, and when the girls had their Sports Day and I didn`t have to feel guilty about not going because I was working.

Jack and I dropped the girls off at school bright and early and headed into Liverpool on the train...Oh my God the thought had not even crossed my mind that I would have to pay adult fare for Jack...boo hooo...he even got asked his age by the ticket man...(Est sobs)...does he really look 16...yes Est stop kidding yourself he really does!!!

So after a breakfast McMuffin...not had one of those for years...and McDonalds never looked this cool when I was a kid...

...we hit Primark...think this may now be Jacks favourite shop...well definitely when Mum is buying anyway!!! Got him well and truly kitted out for his summer hols all for under £40...oh and of course I had to get a few new things too...obviously!!!

Took the camera with us but didn't really have the opportunity to take many pictures because we only had a couple of hours as we had to be back for the Girls Sports day.

Oh but I did treat us to a Milkshake from the MooShack...Jesus they have about 15 billion flavours of Milkshake, Jack opted for a Jelly Tots flavour...hmmm I know...and yes the pink glasses are his!!!

Mine was strawberry and considering the size of the strawberries that went in it I consumed at least 3 portions of my five a day...we will ignore the 6 scoops of ice-cream that accompanied them though!!!

We ended up having to run for the train because I spotted the Chilli Pepper shop and "Had" to have a dress I saw but obviously had to try it on first...luckily it fit!!!

Sports day then was not rained off as it has been in previous years...in fact we sat in blistering heat for two hours cheering the teams on, I think sometimes the parents can be more competitive than the kids, I certainly am anyway, and on the way in we had to sign to say if we were taking photos and other children appeared on them then we wouldn`t post them on the Internet...understandable in this day and age but of the 140 photos that I took I don`t have one single picture of Ella winning her races where there isn`t another child in the shot...can see some serious photo editing taking place...

Did get these rather cool shots of Mia though...

...and Jack managed to take this picture of me in my new dress...after me telling him that the lens cover needed removing from the camera!!!

So a great day off...and sunshine too...and yep I am burnt but look what was waiting for me when I got home...lots of lovely stash...

Off now to stroke my gorgeous new papers, take yet more neurofen for my toothache and hunt for the after sun...again!!!

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