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Friday, 10 July 2009

And finally....

....Its gone...incinerated probably in some hi tech machine that dentists use...my tooth, the one causing me to have an abscess for over 6 weeks...pulled out today with a pair of pliers that looked remarkably like the ones I use for jewellery making...the loveliest feeling in the world was after I had the injections and my mouth went numb...and pain free!!!

The worst feeling in the world, taking three of my little darlings with me to the dentist and having them question me all the way home whilst I was trying to bite down on the gauze shoved into my mouth and half my face was numb...bless them...upon arriving home I pulled a sheet of paper out of the printer and wrote "shut up" on it!!!

So hopefully I will no longer suffer from toothache, the girls have both inspected the hole in my mouth, both of them utterly disgusted...muwahahaha...I spent 20 minutes eating a bowl of soup earlier and for some reason am craving toast....mmm crunchy burnt toast!!!

Something has happened to me too...something magical, I am not sure quite what is going on but I have all my lessons prepared and planned for next week and all my paperwork completed...shock...which means I have the whole weekend to chill out and enjoy!!!

Managed to complete this layout tonight, this is the one that has been "in progress" for a week on my desk...which shockingly is tidy!!!

Off now to celebrate being pain free...oh yes baby!!!

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