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Monday, 13 July 2009

One Day in Two days off...My kind of working week!!!

Today was my only full day in work this week and what a day, busy as hell but a really enjoyable day, as the academic year draws to a close a lot of my courses are either finished or finishing up in the next couple of weeks, although courses will be running throughout the summer starting the first week in August and it seems I have a pretty packed timetable again but I actually have a whole week off work the week after next although I have a feeling I am going to be de-cluttering and decorating, my poor little house needs some serious TLC...watch out charity shops of Warrington I do believe you are going to be inundated with all my crap!!!

So I have two whole days off work...although I have plans both days so can`t really get down to serious housework just yet which is unfortunate as I was so looking forward to dusting and scrubbing!!!

Tomorrow I am being taken here for the day by some of my students...really looking forward to that, apparently there is an amazing bead shop there...can see a small fortune being spent!!!

On Wednesday I have a very exciting meeting regarding a new business venture that I am really looking forward too, Thursday and Friday mornings I am off too but can see those being boring paperwork and housework sessions. To make up for having time off though I am working all day Saturday, running a craft demonstration here this will be the second time I have demonstrated here so I am looking forward to meeting up with everyone again, and I get to travel by Virgin train which has free wi fi you know...ipod will be in hand!!!

Off now to read...can`t remember the last time I read properly but started one of my books, I bought yesterday, last night and am already halfway through...yep it`s that good!!!

1 comment:

Geoff Riley said...

You make it sound as though you're busier when you're not working than when you are... :)

Enjoy your books!