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Friday, 3 July 2009

Sweet as a Nut!!!

Yep I am...finally...after yet another visit to the dentist, you know you have been there too often when you don`t even have to give your name to the receptionist, they just tell you to take a seat...take a seat I wanted to whack my bloody tooth with it but had to keep a brave face on because the kids were with me...and Mum is "Well Hard"

So had to endure another teeth prodding session...ouch and the dentist has finally...I am talking four bloody visits later...decided to "whip it out" So next Friday I shall be one tooth less and the bloody tooth fairy better be on her way!!! I have magic pills too...feeling rather floaty tonight, painkillers were upped and have another dose of antibiotics but for the first time in about four days the pain is bearable, it was so unbearable this afternoon I had to cancel a class and come home to curl up into a little ball!!!

Completed this layout tonight of Mia and I, picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and I have another page in progress on my desk...which yes looks like a bad jumble sale on a Saturday afternoon!!! I wonder if the tooth fairy will bring the clean up fairy with her next week!!!

Off now to finish my layout and celebrate the fact that Sir Alexander Fleming liked to play around with mould and ibuprofen can be taken with co-codamol...god I am going to rattle at this rate!!!

1 comment:

Carol Ann said...

Ouch poor you absolute Hell! Will be thinking about you next week x