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Thursday, 9 July 2009

I got my new shoes on....

The pink ones...I wore them all day with the shocking pink cardigan I heard screaming my name when I walked past it in Primark yesterday....now although I like girly pink I never wear it but got so many comments today about how lovely it looked teamed with my bargain £3 shoes I will be hunting down more pink clothes I think!!!

Had a very busy day today, taught three classes, two jewellery and one scrapbooking, my students all finished their mini albums this morning with the help of the fabulous bind it all...although if it hadn`t been for Carole running me home to collect it they would have gone home unbound...god I can be crap sometimes and openly admit this, to make fun at yourself and accept your faults makes it easier for others to too...I have had to fill in yet more evaluation forms with my students today, paperwork is the downside of teaching but I am so amazed at some of the lovely comments my students continue to write about me, makes me think if they are really writing about me to be honest, I thought that I had been crap lately down to the toothache but obviously not affected my teaching too much...so for my lovely students a great big thank you and sending you a big Est Love Hug xxxx

I did an impromptu photo shoot a couple of weeks ago in one of my classes and got everyones permission today to publish these, so here are some of my very lovely ladies looking very lovely....

Just look how beautiful that baby is, now although I have four kids I am not the most maternal person in the world...I love my kids to bits but babies usually make me cringe...they get dirty, they smell, they don`t hush when you tell them to...I have been there and done all that and they seriously interfere with your sleeping pattern...but...and its a bloody big but for me...this is the most gorgeous baby in the whole world....so pleasant and placid...and so lovely in front of the camera too....

Off now to decide whether to finish the layout that has been "in progress" on my desk for almost a week or jump in the bath and relax with a glass of wine...hmmm decisions decisions!!!

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