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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Shopping...On a Sunday!!!

Have been up since stupid o clock this morning, about 4am, couldn`t sleep because my mouth hurts, am getting slightly sick of it now, thought that once the tooth was out I would be suffering less but still keeping Neurofen in business, needless to say spent most of the afternoon in bed and am probably going to be up half the night now...!!!

So took advantage of the fact it was so quiet this morning...even the kids aren`t up at that time...thank the lord... and lay on the couch with coffee and magazines...pure bliss, then decided to complete the pink layout of Jack I was going to finish last night...

Then managed to make this little card too, water colouring at 6am in the morning is one of the loveliest things to do at that time...so relaxing and when it is a Tilda well that's just the icing on the cake...I love this colour combination, saw it in a magazine this morning and thought I would give it a go, papers are all good old K and Co...

So after all that crafting I took my sorry little self into town ...retail therapy was required...god on a Sunday that is an adventure in itself...okay so the shops are all open for so many hours, Sunday in the town centre seems as busy as a Saturday so why are there only three buses a day...and these buses go around the whole of Warrington before they actually reach town!!!

Had a lovely mooch in Borders, the smell in there is divine, Starbucks upstairs...mmmmmmm, then hit the Town Centre...got these out of The Works...along with 3 books for a fiver...bargain...got myself some summer reading now, not read for ages and really missed it, I love to loose myself in a book, I think its the ultimate form of relaxation, especially in a hot bubble bath accompanied with a nice glass of Pinot...so all these were £1 a pack!!!

My first utter bargain of the day though was this book...Oh My God...reduced from £20 to £1.99...and full of fabulous tips, tricks and tutorials and I spent an hour flicking through it this afternoon.

Then went "proper shopping" to us girls this means clothes shopping and managed to find the most beautiful pink top in Zara reduced from £40 to a tenner...bought a couple of other tops too, one being a little turquoise cardi out of the kids section of H&M...aged 11-12....fits perfect...not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing because Ella (aged 11-12) has already cast her beady eye over it...Kids!!!
Off now to chill with one of my books, and maybe that glass of wine too ;-)

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