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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


That's how I feel today, I was alright this morning, I had a fabulous nights sleep, think I clocked up about six hours uninterrupted sleep, got up reasonably early got organised and ordered all my class materials for next week and hopefully they will all be delivered before my classes start.

Then went to town to collect my new blind, that yes I have fitted and no...typically...the old blind fittings were unsuitable and I had to do it all properly...drill, wall plugs, screws...the works...and I didn`t even have to call my Dad, although it is probably down to him that I am able to tackle such jobs!!! And I am happy because its still hanging and looks great, smells good too, I love the smell of wood!!!

By the time I finished that I was a little warm to say the least, must have overdone the screwing!!! And since then had one of those headaches that wont shift...you could say it was a "blinding headache"...god I am sad, the kids keep asking me if I think it maybe swine flu and are walking "around" me giving me a wide berth...bless them!!!

Did manage to complete another layout tonight and photographed the three I did last night too...scrap crazy at the moment, have lots of lovely pictures that I have taken over the last few weeks with my new camera and this morning the printer decides to run out of ink...Bloody typical!!!

Mia and I larking about at the Albert Dock...

Me and my Girlies...love this picture taken by my gorgeous niece...the journaling on this reads "No matter where you are or what you do you are my girls and I will always love you"

Mia in the Disney shop in Liverpool...Journaling reads "Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of being a real princess...she will always be my princess"

Took this gorgeous picture of Mia on Monday, while she was chasing pigeons...

Did this to it in photo shop....

And created this with it tonight...

And was just about to say I am off but turned to check on the kids, they are watching Kung Fu Panda and had one of those "Kids are too quiet moments...what they up too"


Mia is looking very comfortable in my chair looking through my scrapbooks...Jesus that really bought a lump to my throat, she has independently got them off the shelf and is looking through them all and can hear her chatting away to herself remembering past events, special occasions or just simple perfect moments....now that is why I scrapbook...a beautiful moment captured on camera...that will no doubt get scrapped!!!

I am off now to sit and cuddle my little girl and tell her how much I love her.

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