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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Shopping for Shoes!!!

I have had the best day today, a day of work and a whole day in Manchester: shopping, chilling out and enjoying the sights and culture of my favourite city. Got the train first thing and didn`t get home until late this afternoon and I am really chilled and happy but bloody shattered...cooked tea then fell asleep on the couch!!! God I am turning into such a lightweight having to have "nanna naps" all the time!!!

Took the camera with me today but although it was warm...shock it wasn`t raining...it was very cloudy, got this great pic of the wheel though...was tempted to go up in it and take pictures from a great height but I get nauseous on escalators so I think I would have probably passed out at the top of that!!!

I love this building so much; Manchester Town Hall, I think it is one of my favourite, apart from Chester Cathedral...the architecture it boasts is incredible, and when you really take it all in it is so intricate and breathtaking, the building was completed in 1877 and it was designed by architect Alfred Waterhouse...it is often used as a "double" for the Palace of Westminster in television as filming is prohibited there...how cool is that!!!

So on a visit to Manchester it would be rude not to hit Primark...only spent £35 in there...which got me two new pairs of shoes and three tops, loads of jewellery, some fab sunglasses and a new handbag...and new socks for the girls as theirs look like they have been polishing the pavements with theirs!!! Then had a little mooch in H & M...god I love that shop and found another pair of shoes to give a loving and happy new home...look how pretty my new babies are...

Unfortunately all these fit Ella...she has been "wearing them in" for me this evening I thought it would be a little longer until I had to put my clothes and shoes under lock and key!!! Even she commented on the amount of shoes I now own...which is probably around the 2oo mark now...But a girl can never have too many pairs...Right!!!

Off now to stoke the lush new card I picked up in Fred Aldous...rearrange all my shoes in colour order...and soothe my poor little debit card!!!

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