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Saturday, 11 July 2009

In the Summertime...

...when the weather is nice!!!

Had a lovely day today with just my kids and my Mum and Dad, the sun shone and we went to the little garden party they hold every year at our local church...which is affiliated with the girls school and also has an Alcohol tombola and a homemade cake stall...heaven...didn`t win on the tombola and cant eat anything that requires any sort of chewing so just walked around socialising...catching up with people I have not seen for ages and trying not to swear in the vicars back garden!!!

Took the camera too, its becoming a regular accessory for me lately...Ella won a coconut on the coconut shy, that she very kindly donated to Grandad, saved me a job of cracking it with a hammer!!!

A close up of my Dad`s fuschia`s, that defy all laws of gravity and are the size of apples...and not small ones at that!!!

My Dad finally gets his hands on my camera...and takes a pretty good picture too...

And Harry who really is getting good at this photo taking malarkey captured this great shot of my Dad and I with my girlies!!!

Off now to complete a Pink layout of Jack!!!

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