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Monday, 6 July 2009


Have had the best day at work today, just spent most of it laughing...yep I get paid for that, a lot of my courses are finishing this week so I am filling out course evaluations with my students and I have been described as an eclectic and innovative tutor...how nice is that.

My toothache is easing a little today too, either the antibiotics are finally working...this will be the third dose, or I have pumped my body so full of Neurofen over the last week that I am becoming immune to pain, although saying that I was very hurt this afternoon when my darling little Harry told me I was middle aged!!!

This all came about from a conversation on the way home from school, the kids were arguing over who was going on the PC when they got home...Ella and Harry both declared they had homework and stupidly I responded by telling them that I went through X amount of years at school without ever using a computer to complete my homework...to which Harry piped up yeah mum but there were only three computers invented then and you are middle aged...Bloody Kids!!!

I have just spent the last two hours preparing for a class tomorrow...not sure how long it is going to take my students to complete this if it took me two hours but I will just ban the break...muwahahaha...although I did almost complete the first necklace and it snapped....bit like my language which was incredibly x-rated...luckily the kids were all outside!!! Anyway necklace number two turned out exactly as I had envisioned it and it looks a little something like this...was a nightmare to photograph though even with my brand new baby!!!

Off now to prepare class number two for tomorrow...god I am so disorganised...but at least have the day off on Wednesday to look forward to and I am off out to Manchester tomorrow night to watch the Selfish Lovers...oooh out on a school night whatever next!!!

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