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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A little hometime!!!

Today I spent the whole day at home...no shopping, no trips with the kids, no visiting friends, no lunching...just me an old pair of jeans, my hair scraped back and a spray bottle of Cillit bang!!!

My house has never looked so good, I spent most of the day cleaning, my kitchen is gleaming, my floors are sparkling, I have even washed the paintwork. I have done all those little repair jobs that needed doing, fixed the towel rail in the bathroom that has been stood behind the bathroom door for more months than I care to remember, repaired the curtain track in the girls bedroom and re hung their curtains. I have finally measured the kitchen window and ordered the new blind that I want that I am collecting tomorrow and have measured the bathroom window so I can go and buy some fabric tomorrow to make a blind...even have the sewing machine out and ready to do this....Feel all domesticated and not just because my hands feel like someone has been at them with a sheet of sandpaper, even the kids said wow the house is clean Mum...which proves we usually live in a sty obviously!!!

Hopefully all that exercise will help me to sleep because that bloody insomnia has crept back, hardly slept a wink last night and woke up this morning feeling as though I had been wrung out...had to rely on a double spoonful of Alta Rica this morning to kick start me!!!

Managed to finish this layout this afternoon, Ella posing last week before she shimmied away to her leavers disco...

Have also completed another three layouts this evening but the pictures will have to wait until tomorrow as the nights are drawing in quicker and quicker!!!

So off to town tomorrow with a list as long as my arm...as I was cleaning each room in the house I did the incredibly organised thing...Mum`s influence here...writing a list of all the things I needed...I know I am a Geek!!!

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