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Monday, 20 July 2009

Sad Day Today....

I am wiping a sad little tear from my eye as we speak, choking back the sobs that threaten to rack my body...my lil girl is all growing up...look

11 years old...School leavers disco...wearing my eyeshadow, my sunglasses, my scarf and my shoes!!!


She was even told by her class teacher and the headmaster that she looked like me and she does, a little mini me!!!

She has three days left at Primary school then its going to be a whirlwind of hair straighteners, make up and skirts that are far too short for her as she hits High School in September...oh god I remember what I was like when I started so I can only hope she is the complete opposite!!!

Also finished up teaching today too, that's all my classes done (apart from evening ones) until the first week of August which means....Twelve whole days off work....TWELVE Days...ooh it sounds just like the Twelve days of Christmas!!!

And on the first day....I am off out with a friend tomorrow for the day here
And on the second day.... I am hitting the pavements here
And that's about all my plans so far...well unless I count what the kids have in store for me next week...which is no doubt going to be expensive!!!

Off to load some new songs on my ipod, have discovered Porcupine Tree and I quite likes them!!!

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Geoff Riley said...

Wow! A mini-you.... we'll have to be careful in future classes to make sure we've got the right tutor! :)

If you're going to have dinner at Willowpool, don't expect small portions: they're a Dutch family who run the restaurant, and their pancakes are to die for! Golly, I wish they were open right now, I feel I could eat one NOW!