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Saturday, 25 July 2009


...Yep I am so organised even I am scared...

I have been out with the kids today and bought all their new uniforms for September...even they were a little worried and they are concerned they are going to grow over the summer so what I have bought them won`t fit them when they go back to school...bless them...they had better not grow because I have parted with an absolute fortune today...Harry insisted on two pairs of the most expensive trousers in the shop, Ella would only entertain black skirts and they were typically more expensive than the grey ones and even Mia decided she didn`t want the two pack of shirts for £2...oh no £5 each shirt because they have flower shaped buttons!!!

Bloody kids...not sure where they get their fussiness for fashion from!!!

It has been a lovely day today but rather than enjoy the sunshine this afternoon I made the kids clear out their bedrooms...muwahaha...I had been threatening this all week so today we bought the bin bags and the poor bin men are in for a bit of a shock when my bin is emptied this week...think we managed about 6 bags of crap, the house feels de-cluttered and airy all of a sudden!!!

Took this lovely picture of Ella tonight while she was watching some American crap on the telly, I still can`t get over the fact that she starts high school in September and will be walking to and from school on her own...but just look at her, look how grown up she is...

And a lovely smiley shot of her....

Made some cards today too, doing a craft fair in a couple of weeks so trying to build up some stock, at this rate I am going to have three bracelets and six cards!!!

Off now to get some scrapbooking done, have a pile of pictures, some gorgeous new papers and the time to actually do it!!!

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