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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Complete and Utter Randomness!!!

Funny old day today!!!

Did I mention I had twelve days off work!!!

Well now I only have eleven...but today, although the weather was complete and utter pants, my friend and I headed into rural Warrington...well Lymm to all you Warrington residents, to the Willow Pool Garden Centre...which by the way is not your typical Homebase style garden centre...oh no...it is just completely bizarre...beautiful but bizarre...look...

Of course we had to "do lunch" and we did it in style...oh yes china cups and saucers for our coffee, porcelain dishes for our homemade soup and plates for the hot chocolate fudge cake complete with ice cream, which can be eaten either in the indoor tea rooms with genuine log fires or outdoors sheltered from the elements in these rather quirky thatched, heated gazebos...as it was raining we opted for the log fire!!!

So after all that "fresh country air" tonight I am exhausted...but in a healthy "I have been outdoors all day" kind of way...just have to contend with a days shopping in Manchester tomorrow...oh the strain of being off work is so hard I can tell you!!!

1 comment:

Geoff Riley said...

Is that your first time to Willowpool then?

Oh what an amazing place; it's a bit like a cross between your run-of-the-mill garden centres and old Steptoe's yard... I love going to the place.

But did you chicken out of the pancackes?? You missed a treat there; we'll have to take you back and force feed you some time! LOL