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Monday, 27 July 2009

A Day at the Museum!!!

I have lived in Warrington for over twenty years and I have never visited the museum...that was until today!!!

Luckily for us Ben Stiller was not around and none of the artefact's came to life, Mia would have literally poohed her pants she was terrified of the "Mummy" as it was and that had nothing to do with me!!!

So the museum is full of interested old stuff as you would expect and that was just the staff...just kidding, they have some pretty incredible artefact's in there, including this little Egyptian girl...who we made walk like an Egyptian....

Then she transformed into this little beauty outside in the sunshine...

Also "Discovered" this little dude outside...

Stumbled upon this little mini me...

Scary how much she is looking like me...well she is bloody bound too when she is again wearing my clothes!!!

So had a great day with my kids larking about but wanted to just send special thoughts to a couple of people very close to me having a tough time.

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