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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Bad in Blakemere!!!

Oooh I have been a very bad girl today, had a fabulous day but I was a little bit naughty and spent far more than I should have done in the bead shop in Blakemere...I am blaming Geoff...completely and utterly...yes Riley you!!!

OOOH there were some beautiful beads in there and I bought a lot of them home with me, was like a child in a sweet shop lushing over the pick and mix of beads available singly, in tubes or strung...bead heaven...got some beautiful findings too and some much needed thong ;-)

I have it all laid out on my desk, on my new bead mat, ready to stroke and purr over later....look at my stash of goodies...

We also came across the most fragrant candle shop, which sold candles in every colour, size and shape...I have never seen so many candles altogether...treated myself to a beautiful hanging tea light holder which is still in the box but will be hung over my desk tomorrow if I can find my bloody hammer which has mysteriously disappeared!!!
Look at all those candles...

We met a few "little people" while we were shopping ;-)

And Geoff went completely potty...

Still the sun was shining, although we did encounter a bit of a "Draught"

How cool is that giant draughts board...I am getting one of them!!!
Now funnily enough I can`t just go on a shopping trip, managed to get chatting to quite a few of the shop owners, crafters are so friendly, and a couple of them asked for my details when they found out I teach, so day of shopping and networking too!!!

Off now to play with my new beads and work out how to spool knit!!!

1 comment:

Geoff Riley said...

In my defence, your honour, I was spending too... not much encouragement was required. Okay, I didn't buy as much: I was extremely restrained. Amazingly actually! lol

I would be trying out the spool knitting, but Carole has already lifted it from my stash to try out herself... oh well I'll just stick with my beads for now.