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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Gradually Going Green.....

...It has taken some time, especially when you consider the uniform I had to wear at school...Green everything, shirt, skirt, cardigan, socks and yep those horrible PE knickers...so approximately sixteen years later I can finally say I like green again...bought some gorgeous lime beads yesterday from here and have spent the afternoon turning them into these little delights...

On to working with turquoise next I think...although I must say the green is so fresh and lush and looks fabulous with the raspberry pink beads I also got.

Also managed to hang my new tea light holder this morning, bloody hell it weighs a ton, so hopefully it wont pull half the ceiling down if by any chance it falls down, isn`t it pretty though, can`t wait until later when I light a vanilla scented candle in there and it casts a candlelit glow over my desk...either that or it will fall down and set fire to my new papers!!!

Dum dum dum dum...school report day today too...for the girls anyway, Harry either genuinely hasn`t received it or he has "mislaid" it!!!

I am a proud Mum tonight, my girls have done really well this year, they have some outstanding comments written by both their class teachers and the headmaster too, one that sticks in my mind is the headteachers comment on Ella`s report:

"She is a reflective and thoughtful young lady with a great sense of humour, High schools gain-our loss!"

What a lovely thing to say, and I must admit I had a little lump in my throat when I read that because she is growing up, she is starting high school and she is not a little girl anymore...she had her first taster day at the High School today and had an absolute ball apparently...I even did the good mum thing and went to collect her at the end of the day, to see her beaming as she walked towards me was just a lovely feeling and she has been excitedly chatting about her day all evening, lovely to see such enthusiasm...just wondering if it will last!!!

Off now to play with my turquoise beads...bored with the green ones now!!!

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Kathy said...

Gorgeous Greenery Est!