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Thursday, 23 July 2009

School`s Out For Summer!!!

Oooh and what a monumental day, after seven years at Christchurch Primary School, Ella finally left today and is officially "between schools". I spent the morning at her leavers assembly where the children put on a performance and thanked the all teachers individually, and the Headmaster said some pretty lovely things about the year sixes...there were tears and laughter and that was just the parents!!!

I managed to remain composed, as did Ella, the tissues managed to stay in my bag but I think if she had of cried then I would but she just enjoyed herself despite half of her friends bawling their eyes out!!!

Took this lovely photo of Ella and her teacher, she has been in her class for the last two years so is extra special to Ella, I have so much respect for this lady, she is an amazing teacher and Jack and Harry also had her, so I am secretly hoping that when Mia is in year five she has her too. What spoilt the moment slightly was the fact that she had to ask me if it was okay for her to put her arm around Ella!!! But never the less a lovely happy photo for Ella.

The girls then had achievement assembly this afternoon and both of them received the Certificates of Excellence...awarded to one boy and one girl from each class...Proud Mum!!!

And Ella has had her shirt signed by it seems the entire school, what choked me was the comment her Headmaster put on..."You have always been nothing short of outstanding and will never be replaced here...you will be sorely missed at Christchurch"!!! That my little girl he wrote about.

God listen to me gush...!!!

Okay gush over, I had a class tonight, after three whole days off work I had to teach...great lesson though made even better by carrot cake...mmmmmmmmmm.....one of my students was celebrating her birthday so bought it in for us to stuff our faces with...I don`t recommend jewellery making whilst eating sticky carrot cake though!!!

I am probably going to be teaching some classes in the near future here and Anne-Marie has set up her own blog too, she is famous you know...goes on the telly!!! I have done a couple of demo`s at her shop and really enjoy working with her and her team so really looking forward to going back soon, but for now I am enjoying the fact that I have a whole week off work...yep I am free until 5.30pm next Thursday evening...although I have so many courses to plan and samples to make and my Saturdays are starting to fill up nicely with Demonstrations for Kars and I reckon it is going to be Christmas before I get any length of time off again...It`s a good thing I love my job!!!

Off now to finish the card I started making today...just for fun!!!

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