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Sunday, 2 August 2009

I love U.....

Wow can`t believe my week off work is almost over, flew by at quite an alarming rate but I am so ready to get back to work...think I have a bit of cabin fever, I have decided that a life of being a lady of leisure is really not for me...I know I just don`t think there are enough shops to visit!!!

Had a crazy few days though, you probably noticed my lack of blogging!!! I have tried to get the house sorted out but have resigned myself to the fact that as much as I would like to be I am NEVER going to be a neat freak...especially not with four kids off school!!!

The girls are currently "trying" to perform on Rockband on the Wii...Mia on Mic and Ella on Drums...god it sounds awful I just hope the neighbours are out!!!

Some friends of mine got married yesterday so after a thoroughly enjoyable day spent in Manchester I shimmied into a gorgeous turquoise number complete with matching three inch heels!!!

The friends are two of the members of the Selfish Lovers, the band that I am forever raving about...so the lead singer Amy married the Drummer Martin and even performed a gig at their very own wedding reception...complete with wedding attire...

First Dance was not done to your typical slushy song but to The Ordinary Boys I luv U...so cool, just look how happy Amy looks...terrible photos but took my little compact camera...which makes me love my new camera all the more.

Had a bit of a chill out crafty day today, as my feet and back are recovering from about three hours dancing in heels!!!!

Made these little bracelets just for me...

Finally finished knitting my wire cuff too...

Finally got round to creating the 3d rabbit that I got the template for at Aintree earlier this year...isn`t she cute...
I am off to find my earphones...Mia is absolutely ruining a very decent Oasis number!!!

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