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Monday, 15 September 2008

There are only 101 Days until Christmas You Know

...Yes only 101...I found out here!!!

The reason I say that is because I have spent the afternoon designing workshops and one of them was a Christmas one...I know but its really got me in the mood now...mainly because I am covered in bloody glitter...in fact everything is covered in glitter...I HATE glitter and refuse to use it throughout the year so I know Christmas is coming when I do the school run and my friends say "do you know you have glitter on your face" Occupational hazard I am afraid, that and the stayzon stains on my nails!!!

So I was in the "Craft Zone" today...only I had that much in my head that I wanted to do that this happened...and yes it still looks like this and what the camera didn`t pick up was the light dusting of pink glitter all over everything!!!

So this is one of the cards I will be teaching in an October workshop, Pink and black Christmas cards...Yummmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee...

and this is a close up of the 3D effect...

If you are booked into my Scrapbooking workshop on Wednesday this is the rather yummy layout we will be creating...using more glitter, unmounted stamps, chipboard and paper tearing curling and rolling.

So I am off now to try and recreate some kind of order in my studio and to clean the glitter off everything.

Oh and please send out some happy vibes for me, I am still suffering with chronic toothache, neurofen will have seen their sales have dramatically increased over the last two weeks, I am booked in at the dentist tomorrow and I just know that he is going to do really horrible and nasty things to me...then make me pay for the privilege. Ooh although I am excited too as my photography course starts tomorrow...probably won`t be able to talk though after Dr Death...I mean the dentist, has finished with me!!!

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Enfys said...

I love, love, love that pink and black xmas card. Just adding you to my blog roll. Hope your toothache is better. Try brandy, works for me, doesn't help the pain, but it takes me into la la land.