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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Savage Garden and a Basketball

I love the song "I will fly you to the moon and back" by Savage Garden, its such a beautiful song and it is Mine and Mia`s Song, although we have slightly changed the words to "I will love you to the moon and back"

So taking that song as inspiration, because I never want to forget that we sing that to each other, and a photograph I have of Mia looking totally beautiful I have created this page.

Whilst I was creating this happened...again...I really should learn to be more tidy and then would not have to hunt through piles of crap for my craft knife or a pencil...I am going out tonight and the kids have told me I am not allowed out until I have tidied my studio...hmm we will see...I am in charge!!!

Oh and had to share this with you, Ella had a demonstration at school on Monday by some Basketball players who were apparently ten foot tall ...(!!!) and after the demo they ran a little competition and Ella won a signed copy of a basketball...Now ever since then she has took this ball with her everywhere she goes...and yes...I climbed up onto her bunk bed this morning to make it and low and behold the basketball was in her bed...Kids!!! This is Ella and Mia snuggled up watching kids crap on TV this morning before school.

Off now to prepare myself for an evening on the town!!!

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