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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Blog hopping, Life Laundry and What Happened

I have had one of those days today where you get up at stupid o clock with all good intentions...I was going to get lots done before the kids got up but it didn`t quite work out like that, sat in front of the computer and went blog hopping instead ;-). I have not done that for ages not properly anyway and I found some gorgeous blogs that I have saved to my favourites...there are some incredibly talented people out there...here are my favourites if you are interested in having a lookie:

I always find it good for the mojo to have a bit of a blog hop.
So after all that "research" I felt that I had to give my house a bit of tlc as it has been a little neglected lately...I am having a life laundry...this morning I managed to sort out the airing cupboard, the walk in wardrobe and most of my clothes and shoes...I have thrown away three black bin bags full of crap and have another three ready to take to the charity shop...but I really need some new clothes now and i definately need some new shoes ;-)
I really want to have one of those houses where everything has a place and everything is in its place but with four kids you tend to find if it opens you can get something in and shut again then thats its place!!! I yearn for the day they all move out and take all their crap with them...my walls stay clean and I only have to hoover once a week...then I suppose they will bring the bloody grandkids with them ;-) I am joking of course...I did get Harry in on the action and told him if he tidied up his room I wouldn`t sell his Playstation on Ebay!!!
And then while I wasn`t looking, while I was so busy getting on with everyday mundane dull stuff this happened.......................
My little baby grew up...I am sat here nearly in tears realising she is not my little baby anymore, in fact she is nearly 8 and in the juniors and currently at a rock climbing birthday party!!!
Whatever happened to a good old tea party with pass the parcel and musical bumps!!!
I am getting old I think...Especially as I have just spent half an hour filling out the forms for Ella to start high school...!!!
I am off now to cry into my cocoa

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