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Friday, 5 September 2008

Cup of Tea Guvner!!!

Is the new catchphrase in my family...I am back from London Baby and it was so good to catch up with all my family, everyone was there and it was lovely to see everyone, although I think I am now officially the newly appointed family party animal...boy have we partied over the last couple of days. We started in the pub on wednesday afternoon...went on to my Aunty and Uncles for a bit of a party on wednesday evening and then spent the day at the wedding on Thursday...Alcohol units consumed...probably enough for a whole six months and I am exhausted but we had such a laugh and I have an ache in my stomach from laughing so much!!!

Was also the perfect excuse to give my camera a little workout and the wedding was held in the very beautiful Richmond Park, as you can see the surroundings are absolutely stunning and were the perfect backdrop for the very beautiful bride and handsome groom...Claire and Brian

Now this is my kind of cake...OMG how beautiful does that look and so much tastier than a traditional wedding cake...we got to eat this for our dessert too...mmm chocolate

This is me with my cousin Paul, my brother, Paul and I used to get up to allsorts of mischief and shannagans when we were kids...I can`t put any of them on here though ;-)...So I have not seen Paul for a good few years and OMG he is sooooooooooooooo tall and so bloody cool...bear in mind I am wearing four inch heels!!!

This is my Uncle Robin, in my Nans hat...there is always one joker in the family and Robin is ours, although I think he may be sharing the title with me now...we had such a laugh together It was great to catch up even if he does regard me as a northerner!!!

and this has to be one of my favourite photos, this is my lil baby cousin Jessica who is 19 and has grown into such a stunningly gorgeous beautiful lil lady, was so lovely to catch up with her.

So a fabulous day...I managed to fit into my dress, walk in my heels...and dance most of the night away in them too, my fastenater stayed in my hair, I took some lovely photos as a reminder of the day and we had such a great time catching up.

I love family occasions.

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