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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday Sinners

They know who they are, they are shameless thieves who have no respect for anyone or anything.

Some scanky little sod broke into my garden last night and stole my garden table and chairs, not a cheap set either, wouldn`t mind if it had been a manky plastic one but nope nearly £300 worth of gorgeousness, that I saved and saved for. What is most upsetting is the kids and I use the garden a lot, just to mess about have a laugh or a chat and we sat at the table a lot, we ate out there I just want my bloody table back...and the chairs would be nice too ;-)
The funny thing it that I am a really really heavy sleeper...once I am asleep thats it nothing will wake me...I have slept through an earthquake, thunder and lightening and the kids leaping all over me...and this is no different, my bedroom is right above where my table was and the window was wide open and I slept through it...The other half was out until the early hours and he was too...shall we say delicate to notice whether the garden furniture was still in place!!!

Although that has upset me I am still in a really good mood, I am blaming the sunshine!!! The kids and I have been in the garden and Harry insisted on taking the camera out so he can perfect his photography skills.

These are the pictures he has taken...

Ella took this one


lucy said...

Mean people are just that MEAN! Sorry for a bad start to your day but glad that you can see the sun through the clouds. Your photos are sweet.

sam said...

very sadly some people just don't care, but glad u had fun with the camera,