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Friday, 26 September 2008

I am an Indie Chick....

...According to my 15 year old Jack.

I bought a hat yesterday and another scarf...I am obsessed with scarves... and had them on last night when I went out to watch an amazing band that some friends of mine are in, and I had them on again today.
We were walking home from school tonight, the other kids have gone to my friends for the evening, and he said you know mum you look well cool...Aww gotta love him!!! So we were discussing "groups" of people and putting everyone we know into a "group" so I am an "Indie Chick" he is an "Emo" and my other half has been labelled a cross between a "Chav" and a "Spice boy" pmsl...I love that label "Spice boy"

So this is me in my "Indie gear" before I went out last night

And this is me...the morning after the night before...complete with hat hair!!! Taken very kindly by my friend who was playing with my camera!!!
I felt great when I got up this morning, after only four hours sleep...totally fine, got the girls to school on time, got all my cleaning done, washing, ironing all that boring shite and then came the BIG mistake...I sat down...OMG I am soooooooooooooo tired now...and I am going out again tonight! I think I am getting too old for this partying, I want to snuggle in my dressing gown and read my book but oh no I have to dance magic dance at a seventies night tonight...I`ll be the dancing queen young and sweet only 17 (...ahem...)
Off now to "seventy" myself up...where did I put those platforms!!!

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