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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Not a Happy Est!!!

I have had possible one of the most stressful evenings of my life as a parent and it had nothing to do with having the girls both have friends over for tea...that was a walk in the park compared to what materialised afterwards!!!

Jack goes out after tea, he is 15 and goes and "hangs" with his friends at one of their houses...he is under no circumstances allowed to go wandering the streets and intimidate people, and he must be in the house by 7.30pm, as a teen he is already labelled by society as a troublemaker...but he is not, he is the sweetest most thoughtful and helpful considerate boy.

So I am sat with all the girlies watching the Simpsons and chatting girl stuff and generally having a giggle and about 7.30pm the phone rings..."hello Mum it`s Jack" then he breaks down and starts to cry...as a parent that is possibly the most horrible thing in the world to hear your child cry and not to be able to comfort them, so although my heart is dam near breaking I remain calm and try to calm him.

Oh my god I am so angry it turns out he had been at his friends house with a couple of other guys and girls and they fancied some nibbles so they nipped to the shop, not five minutes away for supplies and they got followed back...there were five of them and they were followed by a gang of approximately 25 teenagers...horrifically girls too...and were they were threatened...with knives!!!

What is completely astounding is Jack and his friends managed to get back to a friends house safely, parents inside...and the gang remained at the front of the house shouting and intimidating.

So Jack phoned me and told me all this and said Mum its not safe for me to come home, my first words...I am coming to get you...to which he replied No Mum its not safe, someone will bring me home when its safe......................

............So I went through twenty minutes of sheer hell....I was shaking and just pacing up outside our house and down wondering what the hell was going on and what was going to happen and then a car pulled up and Jack was inside...Oh my god the sheer relief of seeing him was almost unbearable and we just ran to each other and hugged.

So Jack is safe, very very shook up and its a dam good job I dyed my hair last night otherwise I would be completely Grey...But Jack is okay...never allowed out again though!!!

So I now am very, very, very angry, angry at the kids who think it is okay to behave like this but even more angry at their parents who, either have no control over their kids, don`t care what they are doing or don`t know what they are getting up to!!! I do not profess to be a perfect Mother but I do ensure that my kids know what is right and what is wrong and what behaviour is acceptable and what is not.

Est is now off her soap box!!!
Just needed to rant for a bit!!!
Thanks for listening!!!

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