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Sunday, 28 September 2008


...Not only a brilliant song by Blur but what we got up to yesterday.

While the British weather seems to be having some sort of mid life crisis, me and my little peeps enjoyed the late summer sunshine yesterday and went to the Park, its a lovely Park near where we live and has a huge fishing pond and a little play area and a big field and trees and its just a lovely place to go...so we went armed with Warburtons finest...I had no bread in the house so I had to buy some!!!

OMG I have decided that ducks are evil...pure evil, they could either smell the bread or recognised the rustling sound Warbies bread packaging makes...we were surrounded at one point, on a little bridge with about 6000 ducks around us, they ate the bread in about six seconds...A FULL LOAF!!!

Greedy Evil Ducks

Then we went on the little park and the kids dared me to go on the slide...so I did, my bum just about fit on it, we had ourselves a lovely happy family afternoon.

And of course when the sun shines you have to have Ice Cream

Leave you with this shot of me and My fella, went to some friends 25th Wedding Anniversary Party last night and had to get dolled up so Harry insisted on taking our photo...That's it now, I have had three nights out on the run...THREE...I am exhausted, bone weary tired and the muscles in my bum hurt from swinging on the swings yesterday...I am off now to put away my dancing shoes!!!

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Cheyne said...

Great family day!! Nice pictures.