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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Grown Up, Mature or just a kid in adults Clothes!!!!

Hmmm thats a toughie, I am a grown up at 32 I think I qualify although my uncle only awarded me "Junior Adult" status within the family last week...which I am quite happy with actually because although he now regards me as an adult he still wont let me buy a drink!!! all good...

...Mature...hmmm now thats the tough one, well I pay my bills mostly on time ;-), I look after my kids pretty well, I have carved out a career for myself doing something I love...But when I was given Mature Student status today I felt like crying!!!

My friend and I have decided that we want to take our photography a little bit further so we enrolled on a photography course at one of our local colleges...So I am now a Mature Bloody student...oooh does this mean I can go and drool over the folders and pens and pencils in Paperchase...or live like a slobby student in the students union...thats more like it, cheap beer bring it on!!!

So above is a piccie of me looking very student like today after enrollment...I would put it below but blogger is playing up and wont let me move my pictures ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

...and now for the kid in adults clothes, see top photo!!!...my very best friend in the whole world and I went to our local on Sunday for a couple of very civilized glasses of wine...only that couple of glasses turned into a couple of bottles...(I have been drying out ever since)...and I got a bit camera happy and we ended up looking like that...

Have been busy tonight scrapping some pictures of the wedding of the year but the light has faded fast tonight and I have just commented on how it seems later than it is because its pitch black outside, so will post some crafty pictures tomorrow and stop boring you all with pictures of me, I have been busy crafting...honest...but it has all been magazine work so I can`t show you.

Off now to find out how old I have to be to get me a free bus pass!!!!

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