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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Cappuccino in the Sun...

...Oh I have been a proper lady of leisure today, the sun was out and I had the choice...sit down and work through a pile of lesson planning and commissions or do what any self respecting savvy young cosmo lady would do and go shopping!!!

I went shopping...only for necessities mind ;-)...only two new tops fell into a carrier bag while I was out!!!
I seriously had to stock up on a few things though...like white card...Oh My God what is a seasoned crafter like myself doing with NO white card...no diddly squat not a single sheet of white card in my studio...insane.
Ooh and I bought some luscious new beads, because I really needed them...honest I did because I need a red bracelet and I can`t find a really nice one anywhere so I have to make one...with my luscious new beads ;-)
Then I met a friend and we had cappuccino (I know that's spelt right because I googled it) in the sunshine....shock I know sunshine, It has been a glorious day here today and we made the most of it, chatting and people watching, that is a good pastime...I love to people watch, probably because I am so bloody nosey.
Okay I did sit up half the night working last night only nothing is quite finished so I only have this layout to show you of my brother, my cousin and myself at the wedding.
Off now to go and try to finish everything off!!!

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