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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Sunshine, Jewels and Mars Bars

Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day!!!

I hated that song when I was at school and we were made to sing it regularly , probably as a sick form of torture, my Nan loved it though and used to sing it at the top of her voice...if she were here today she would have been singing it all day. We have had sunshine here again...so much sunshine I think I may have got burnt. Harry and I have spent the best part of today sorting out the back garden, weeding and general tidy up, and it looks all lovely and pretty and tidy again now. I have a feeling that I am not going to be able to move very fast tomorrow though, my back is twinging now...my nails are ruined too and they are dirty...minging dirty, ground in disgusting dirty...can see a manicure coming on later!!!
I made these yesterday afternoon, after I had done my commissioned piece and and the bracelet for this weeks lesson, these are for me though and made using the gorgeous new beads that cried to come home with me on Thursday ;-)

Look at these little beauties...

There are actually two bracelets here and I will wear them together, gorgeous little beads that are now very happy ;-)

Oh and sometimes I really dislike my kids...Jack in particular...now I love Mars Bars...I always have I always will but if I eat them I have to spend an hour on the Wii trying to counteract the fat that will slip onto my hips, thighs and bum...but Jack...not one bloody Mars Bar but two and he is a skinny little sod, not an ounce of bloody fat on him....:-(

I am off now to soak my aching body in a radox bath....god how old do I sound!!!

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