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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Late Summer Saturday Sunshine

What a beautiful day it has been today. We have been to a fun day and it was even more special because the kids had a cheerleading display, the first one with them all in the team and following that Ella was playing in a football tournament...the only girl in the whole tournament and she was amazing, I don`t know where she gets her enery from but if I could bottle it up and sell it on Ebay I may be able to retire on the proceeds and become a lady wot lunches full time!!!

The sun has shone for the whole day and and there was lots to see and do, although I am sorry I missed the Firemen...again...I don`t have much luck with the firemen, the last time the kids had a fun day at school I was just about to go and say hello to Mr firemen and they were called away on an emergency, this time though I spent the afternoon cheering Ella`s football team on, although I am not sure the other parents appreciated it when I was shouting "Take him out Ella"...I gotta boost the fact that she is the only girl on the team though haven`t I!!!

So here are some piccies of our family day in the sun:
Pom poms, team mascot...and me

My Little Angel

Harry reaching for the stars

Mia reaching for the stars

Ella in the thick of the action

Future Liverpool ladies Signing

Girl in Goal

Me and My footballer

Mia, Harry and a couple of old birds

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