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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Glamming it up...

....Gorgeous Jessica, my lil baby cousin and I at the wedding looking very glam, her in a beautiful bridesmaid dress and I in my fabulous dress that stayed up and I stayed in!!! My Favourite photograph from the whole day I think as we were so perfectly co-ordinated, it just begged to be scrapped...So I started this last night and have just finished it, It has not scanned in that well but its dark and dismal now...winter is well and truely on its way, although I am still waiting for summer I have only had one Bikini day this year so far!!!

I have not scrapped for a couple of weeks and I really enjoyed it, have a huge pile of photos to work on so going to get more layouts completed over the next week or so....Watch this space!!!

Oh and I read something really funny last night, thought I would share it with you:

"Never hold in your farts...they travel all the way up to your brain and thats where all the shit ideas come from"

I laughed out loud when I read that and that pretty much sums up my evening...

Had one of those mad spur of the moment whims earlier when I finished work and bought another hair dye...the colour I put on my hair a couple of weeks ago faded faster than grease lightening...so I thought I would try something a bit more vibrant...
...boy is it vibrant...
I am a redhead again....its red as red can be which I love, the kids love, other half loves...
...but and it is a big but...
My bathroom looks like Quentin Tarantino just shot his latest film in there, My beautiful white skinny jeans look like someone sprayed me with a severed artery, my nails are the colour of tomatoes...I thought who needs gloves, well me obviously and my gorgeous towel looks like I tried to clean up Quentins mess!!!
So I will never again hold in my farts!!!
I will wear gloves when I dye my hair
I will wear old clothes
I will cover my surfaces
I will use old towels!!!

I am off now to find the Cillit bang!!!

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