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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I am going to London to see the Queen!!!

Well Richmond actually!!!
My lil cousins wedding has finally come round and I am off tomorrow for three days, no work, no kids just me, myself and I and I can`t wait...I am so excited I know I am not going to sleep tonight...well maybe I will after and hour and half of playing tennis earlier...yes I do possess trainers for all those who know me...but they are pink ;-)
After a Google search on Richmond Park...where said lil cousin is getting married...I am hoping to capture some pictures just like this...

I can just see myself prancing through the mud in my gorgeous new heels to capture the perfect picture...no really I can, although I am still not convinced I am going to last the day in them...may tuck my slippers in the car!!!
So instead of staying with family...all my family live "down Souf"...for the first time ever I am poshing it up in a hotel for two nights...oh the sheer indulgance of that is what I am really looking forward to...I am not going to make my bed which I am going to starfish in for both nights, I am going to steal the tea and coffee...well as long as I don`t use it all and I may call upon room service...you can tell I don`t get out much can`t you!!!
So my case is nearly packed and all that remains is the teary goodbye to the kids in the morning...and the other half who is being left all by himself to cope...!!!

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