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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Childhood Memories

I am in a funny old mood tonight, hardly slept the last few nights, must be the excitement of having to get up this morning at stupid o clock to take the kids to school and then spending the entire day working on a commission!!!

The fact that I clocked up a total of about twelve hours sleep the whole time I was away and the trip to London and visiting old haunts...we went on a tour of our childhood while we were away...not an easy thing to do usually when you live 250 miles away from where you grew up but we made the most of our time and went on a bit of a tour around good old Brentford!!!

This is the house we lived in when I was a little girl...as it is now...when we lived in it it had a porch on the front and I remember my dad forgetting his keys one day and having to break in through the porch window...was a bit freaky as we have not lived here for about 25 years...looks a bit run down now!

This was my Nan`s flat...the top one on the left...I spent a LOT of time here as a child and although I have not been here for about twenty years it still looks exactly the same, I couldn`t get out of the car though and I got goosebumps when we drove round, my Nan passed away three years ago and hadn`t lived here for a very long time but it was such an important part of my childhood I was a little choked when we were outside.

This is Syon House...in Brentford, Nan and I used to walk over here Sunday morning as it was just across the road from where she lived, we would visit the garden centre here and maybe buy a plant, a primrose or pansy and we would walk around the gardens and look at the house, then we would go back to her flat and bake cakes and cook Sunday dinner and just do all thoses things that you should do as a child with your Nan.

ooh and I fell in love while I was away...and this was on Wednesday afternoon...while the north had rain...look at that sunshine ;-)

So a trip full of Partying, alcohol, dancing, reminiscing and childhood memories...totally fun

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