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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Christmas Tree Tutorial

I have had quite a few requests for the instructions on how to make this Pink Christmas card so I have put together a basic tutorial for anyone that wants it.

You will need a card blank and a 6x8cm rectangle of scrap card

On the scrap card mark at 3cms at the top and draw a line from each bottom corner to this mark, to form a triangle. Cut this out and fold in half, this is your template.

On the inside of the card blank mark at the top and the bottom 7 and 8cms from the left hand side. Join these lines. I have used pen so it stood out more in the photos but use pencil so you can rub it out afterwards.

Mark at 3.5 and 11.5cm from the top on both lines.

Line up the fold of the triangle with with the line and draw around. repeat for the other side.

Score the centre lines and cut the other two.

Cut four more half triangles leaving a little tab on each as shown. Score the tab

Stick double sided tape to the tab.

Stick each triangle to the card blank as shown. Push them through to the front.

The front of your card should look like this...Embellish as required.

Obviously this is a basic tutorial on the cutting and folding and you can adapt it in any way, on my card I assembled the tree on a square of card that I then layered onto a card blank.
I would love to see what everyone comes up with so if you have a blog link back here so I can view your card xxx

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scrapraffe said...

i made one!