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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

My Boy, Baileys and Ice Cream!!!

I feel crap tonight, felt a bit out of sync all day, you know the feeling when you just can`t get motivated or concentrate on any one thing...well now I have ear ache and a sore throat, and I have to teach a class tomorrow. Bring on the Lemsip`s!!!

Had my Photography class today, which was fun...had another play in photo shop, which I am so loving, its so cool makes Picasa look like child's play, and who should be in my class but none other than the former Mayor of Warrington so had a bit of a laugh with her, and helped her switch on her laptop!!! She is a lovely, funny lady and should have been meeting with Seb Coe today but ditched him for the photography class. Anyway got to grips with the lasso tool...and no I wasn`t reeling people in, although I was wearing a pair of cowboy boots...yee ha!!! No it actually crops around elements of your photo but you have to do it by hand and its bloody tricky!!!

Also managed to get into the College laptops Bluetooth while the tutor wasn`t looking and bluetoothed some of my photos to my phone ;-) I will probably be thrown out next week!!!

Anyway despite feeling like crap I have completed a layout tonight of a gorgeous photo that Harry took of Jack and I earlier in the summer...Its similar to a layout I did last week with another photo took on the same day, so they will sit side be side in my album.
I am off to gargle with some Baileys and have a bowl of ice cream...very good for sore throats, take it from me!!!

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