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Friday, 19 September 2008

Fabulous Friday!!!

I love Fridays afternoons, who doesn`t but, what I really love about Friday afternoons is knowing that I don`t have to get up early and rush around on a Saturday morning...and I have done all my shopping, washing, ironing and cleaning so I really do have a free weekend...the kids have nothing on, I have nowhere to go and it feels fabulous.

Plus I have been the busiest little bee today which makes my Friday afternoon all the more brighter...apart from the bloody bead which has lodged itself inside my keyboard, I suppose that will teach me to try and multi task!!!

Two bracelets to show you, first one is a commissioned piece that somebody asked me to make, so hopefully she will like it!!!

Second one is the jewellery workshop at Edwin Allens on Wednesday so if you are booked in with me this is what you will be making. This by the way is what I was making whilst on the internet...hence the runaway bead in my keyboard...which wont come out despite me tipping it upside down and smacking it like a sauce bottle!!!

Two layouts to show you, the first one is a picture of Jack and I taken earlier in the summer...what summer I know but this was on one of those rare days when we did have sunshine...and I have titled the layout "Son Shine". The journalling reads "Jack and I have a great relationship and can talk about ANYTHING" ...which we can absolutely anything, we have one of those sickening perfect mother son relationships where he knows he can ask me anything or tell me anything!!!
Second layout is of Harry in the weeds!!! He had to climb through about two feet of this stuff until he was in the right place to get the photo...My kids really will do anything for me so I can get the right photo!!! The journalling on this one reads "If you follow only one rule let it be this one, just be yourself" which is pretty apt for Harry, he is very very much like me and hates to follow rules and be told what to do so it just seemed the perfect quote for this layout!!!
This is a little purse/gift box I have designed for jewellery gifts I am going to teach this in a workshop later in the year because its just so damn cute!!!
Off now to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and to look forward to my Saturday morning lie in...all hail the duvet!!!


pink whimsey said...

fabulous darling just the ticket. bring it along when i see you.

Stampin' Up! Gal said...

beautiful projects!!

Sue said...

I love that little pink gift box, have you done an online tutorial for it at all? If not please do.
Sue x