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Monday, 29 September 2008

So bloody Tired!!!

Okay so I have had three nights out on the run...I think as I am getting older my recovery time is hastily slowing down. I am so tired, it is only 8pm and I want to go to bed, can I really go to bed if the kids are still awake and if I do will they insist on tucking me in kissing me goodnight and god forbid reading me a bedtime story!!!

If I go to bed now will I be awake in the early hours of the morning unable to sleep kicking myself for going to bed so early. I have a million and one things I could be doing but I can`t even see straight to do any of them...Not even after using Optrex Bright eyes...which I am convinced is a form of torture and I forgot to take off my mascara before using it so I look like a giant bloody panda now!!!

I know that I should be knocking six bells out of some little guy on the Wii boxing but I haven`t the energy to get the remote and the nunchuck out of the drawer...God listen to me, I am getting old, I sound like a bloody pensioner.

Mia had a swimming lesson today and I asked her how it went when she came out of school...7 years old remember...Oh Mummy she said oh so seriously...I nearly drowned, now call me unsympathetic but I was PMSL at her, not because she nearly drowned which I am sure she didn`t but just the way in which she said it...My kids really do crack me up sometimes.

Okay I am going to make myself a very strong coffee and see if I can make it to at least 10pm without nodding off xxxx

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