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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Ready to Take on The World!!!

Those people who are very close to me will know that I have not been having the best time at the moment, I won`t go into all the mind numbingingly boring details but coupled with being ill for about four weeks and suffering with insomnia, life has been a bit of a challenge to say the least...however I have woken up this morning and I feel ready to take on ANYTHING! I feel like I am back...do you know what I mean, I feel like the real Esther is here this morning...Just watch out this could be dangerous!!!
I went to Manchester on Saturday on a wee shopping trip and I bought this album.

And listening to it this morning I thought track number 1 contains some lyrics that I feel are very relevant to me:

"All I have is too many Questions

Is there something someone forgot to mention to me

But I walk on without Hesitation

To my unknown Own destination

With the music like Syncipation

And explore my own imagi...nation"

So in a nutshell thats what I am ready to do...I just want to thank my family and my friends for the love and support they have given me lately.

Managed to muster up the energy last night to complete this layout of lil old me...which has been sat unfinished on my desk for about a week!!! Funnily enough the title is "Contemplate" and the journalling is about how I tend to think too much. Unusually I have crafted in green...after having the most putrid green school uniform it took me about 15 years to even look at green without developing a nervous twitch and a chill going down my spine!!!

This came in the post yesterday too...I have had this on Pre Order from America since the beginning of June...now ordinarily I would have woop wooped, run around the room performing triple back somersaults and made up a lil Cricut storybook pom pom dance but instead I threw it on my desk and collapsed back onto the sofa to go back to sleep!!! I know the shame of it...to all my fellow cricut crafting buddies...I apologise...It will get opened today and lovingly stoked before I chop into some papers!!!

And finally before you all totally loose the will to live...if you turn to page 74 of this months Card Making and Paper craft you will see lil old me...Yep tis I ...double page spread and not the sort that some of my un-named (male) friends thought it would be!!!

I am off now to climb a mountain or swim an ocean...slightly exagerrated but you get my drift!

Thanks for looking xxx

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