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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Busy Busy Me

After a night out at a party Saturday night...with plenty of Pinot... the last thing I expected was to get up yesterday morning and get quite as much done as I did...I have been a little anxious the last few days as I have so much work to prepare and deadlines to meet and I was panicking about a certain project until I re read the commission. I thought it was due the 15th and its actually the 20th...I am a right muppet sometimes...so I have an extra five days to complete that.

I designed and prepared a jewellery making workshop so if you are booked in with me at Edwin Allen this wednesday then you will be making this bracelet.

and I got so carried away that I made myself two more bracelets to match my new red dress.

I completed this layout Saturday after starting it Friday night...but when I went to photograph it I decided I didn`t like it...in fact I thought it was pants!!!

So I have had a bit of a play, redid it and came up with this. Which I much prefer

Oh and my PC finally gave up on me and died a slow and painful death on Friday night, so I am relying on my lil laptop for internet connection...I hate this laptop it is so slow I think it is powered by little mice riding bikes to generate energy...we WILL be getting a new PC this week though I can`t cope with the speed of this!!!

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Lisa said...

Loving all your latest work Mrs.
hope to speak soon. lis xx