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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Strange Saturday

It`s been a strange day today, Other half was working at stupid o clock this morning so he very kindly woke me up when he left, I got myself a drink and went back to bed and slept in a double bed all by myself...how nice is that when you are used to sharing..
I managed to sort out my printer and downloaded the drivers for vista now the bloody thing won`t work...it did earlier on why wont it now arghhhhhh.
I then volunteered to go and do the food shopping...I usually have a very nice man from Tesco deliver it but I feel like I am being ripped off lately...I am right, perusing the aisles in Asda and OMG the price of stuff has really gone up, I know its been all over the news but shopping online every week I really did not take that much notice. Will all be smart price for us soon!!!
I tried on the most beautiful dress and shoes today as well...although I scared myself when I saw my reflection in the mirror of the changing room...half a bottle of Vodka and two glasses of wine last night were not kind on my appearance today...in fact I looked like shite. I`m blaming the harsh lighting in the shop!!!...Back to the dress it was a beautiful figure skimming made for me gorgeous little red number with strappy little heels to match and I felt like a million dollars but it dam near would have cost me a million dollars to buy the two...and muppet here went out without any cash and forgot the pin number for my emergency credit card...total emergency!!!
I am kicking myself I didn`t buy it because I NEED it I think I may have to plan a little trip back into town on Monday!!!
Oh and I have a headache now...I don`t think its from the vodka though...its definately from the paint fumes!!!
So a funny old day but footy season has started again so there is always lots of fit fellas to watch on the box ;-)
I think this year will be Liverpools year...well I hope so anyway!!!

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