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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Friendship...Jude Law and a bit of elbow grease!!!

Isn`t friendship a wonderful thing...Soppy alert...I love, repect and value all my friends, when you are a child you tend to get thrown together with kids the same age as you in classes at school or where you live! But as you get older you realise you really can choose who your friends are, I am lucky enough that I have a fab group and range of friends from the very young to the very old ;-). I have really close friends that I speak to every day and other friends that I can not call for weeks and when we do speak we just pick up where we left off. I have crafty friends, drinking friends, shopping friends and just good friends.
I have spoken to and seen a lot of my friends today, and it`s got me thinking how much my friends really do mean to me. I took this photo a couple of weeks ago and am dedicating my "friendship" to all my friends.

I would also like to thank my "crafty friends" (ladies who attended my workshop today) for the most rib tickling, laugh out loud workshop in a long time...although the main focus of the workshop was to create two acetate Christmas cards...which we did eventually...after running over by half an hour...we also decided that Jude Law would not be safe with us...Omar Sharif was a babe...in his time...John Travolta could grease our lightening anytime...and we even had a bit of a Grease rendition too...I tell you I love my job!!!

I have had the best day today...can you tell, I am a happy little chappy and I have not only managed to restore my dining room table back to its former glory with a whole lotta elbow grease but I have just beat my personnal best on the Wii Boxing...bring it on, although I probably won`t be able to move my arms tomorrow and I am planning on helping a friend with her very own "life laundry"

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