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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday Waffle

Waffle alert...and not a lubberly belgium one either...ooh that sounds nice!!!
I got home made lemon curd today...TO DIE FOR...thank you Pauline...she really looks after me does my Pauline, when she comes to the classes I teach she brings me sweeties too and todays offerings were fruit ellas...yum...much love to you Pauline xxx
Had a great workshop today, a couple of new ladies came in to learn the fine art of scrapping and hopefully went away with some of my enthusiasm for lush papers and embellishments and now know how to stroke Basic Grey properly!!!...OMG they were total craft virgins and it is so lovely to teach people who are so excited about their new hobby.
Had a fabulous afternoon too...all to myself...no kids no noise and do you know what I did...absolutely nothing and I did not feel guilty at all.
I am off here on Friday to the Stitch and creative crafts show in Manchester baby... with one of my ladies, who is also a very good friend and is very funny too, I am really looking forward to that...That will be twice this week I have hit the Manc Pavements...Lovin it!!!
Watch this space for some very funny photos of us hitting the craft fair!!!

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