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Friday, 29 August 2008

Manchester Baby...Lorra lorra Laughs

Okay I hit Manchester with a scouser today...My very good friend Diane and I hit the Stitches and Creative Crafts show at Manchester Central and boy have we laughed...and laughed and laughed...I have had the best day...totally awesome, Diane is great company we have spent lots of money and snapped loads of piccies of each other just for fun:

In the queue...OMG why do the British always form orderly queues...this all went wrong once the doors opened and crafty ladies of all ages elbowed their way to the front with their bags on wheels and their programmes!!!

After a quick photography lesson and swapping of numbers a lovely lady in the queue behind us took this photo of Diane and I...this piccie just sums up the whole day fun fun fun!!!

I swear to god I am getting one of these chairs...Diane thought it would be hysterical to raise the foot as high as it would go and lower the back and then leave me...luckily I had the camera...and she did come back eventually to rescue me...I wonder if they do these in pink!!! Ooh and at one point it Vibrated...I swear someone was massaging my bottom...I was hoping Jude Law had sneaked in!!!

Of course being thrifty crafters we bought our own lunch although the food hall did state that ONLY FOOD BOUGHT FROM THESE PREMISES CAN BE CONSUMED HERE...what!!! All the staff looked like they were getting ready to go back to school next week they were that young, and even didn`t challenge us when we asked for napkins...oh the shame...but have you seen the size of those Muffins...all expertly shrink wrapped by Diane.

Diane gets her baps out...well her shrink wrapped muffins anyway!!!
A lovely picture of two of my favourite ladies we bumped into who attend my classes and travel all the way from Wales to Warrington just to come to my workshops, was lovely to see you ladies!!! Hope you didn`t spend as much as we did.

Sometimes size does matter...oooh I love a Big one!!!
Blowing mega kisses
The great thing about going craft shopping with a friend is you can buy one each then split the pack which we did with these gorgeous embossed primas...although While Diane was counting them out I was loosing the will to live!!!
And finally I found this bling sticker and it just summed up the whole day...thanks Diane for a funny funny day
I am off now to stroke my new papers, drool over my new primas, slurp my new stamps and have a well earned glass of wine. Have more photos I will post tomorrow but I think I need to lie down...Oh and just before I go, Diane wore a pedometer today and it told us we walked approximately 2 miles...OMG...!!!

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