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Thursday, 14 August 2008


Hmm...It all started with my light fitting in my Dining room which I took down this morning to clean...when I put it back up I realised just how vile the ceiling was so luckily for me there was some Dulux one coat under the sink...one coat my backside...I had to put two coats on, but I have a lovely white ceiling...only then the walls and paintwork looked shabby so ended up going into town to buy...Dulux one coat satinwood...why do they advertise this paint as one coat when it so very clearly is NOT...I have one coated everywhere but it will need a second coat tomorrow...I think I am becomming more and more of a perfectionist!!!

And the paint for the walls...Biscuit Crunch...who thinks of these names really...its cream or as was very popular in the 80`s Magnolia!!!

I know pretty dull but the secret is if you keep your walls neutral you can change your accent colour!!! At the moment I am in a turquoise phase but I am quite fancying the greens that are about.

So it looks like the house is going to be upside down for the next few days while I give it some very much needed TLC...I am off for a brwose around the Ikea website for some colour inspiration!!!

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