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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Wake me up when September comes!!!

I am typing this as I wipe a tear from my eye and try to ease my breaking heart...my little boy has gone on his annual two week holiday with his Dad and will not be back until September!!!

I am only kidding about the tear and the breaking heart but I will miss Jack he is my buddy and a bloody good kid who is able to make me a lovely cup of coffee, make me laugh and nip to the shop for me when I have forgotton something important...like chocolate!!!

So we had a little photo shoot in the garden before he went and although we were laughing our heads off because we were trying to eat chocolate buttons at the same time... I did manage to capture these shots before he quite happily accepted a tenner off me and went on his merry way with his Dad!!!
I have happily achieved an awful lot today. I had a fabulous workshop this morning teaching Jewellery making to beginners, I love teaching people new techniques it makes all the hard slog of gaining my teaching qualification worthwhile when someone thanks you and says they have really enjoyed learning.
I have also been working on a magazine commission for most of the evening too, unfortunately can`t show you any of that but I have worked hard...honest...because yesterday morning I had not completed any of it and now its all done.
So I am off now to cry into my pillow...not... but I may just have a tiny little glass of wine to ease the breaking of my heart!!!

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