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Friday, 15 August 2008

Biscuit Crunch and Pringle fun!!!

Have finished decorating the dining room...biscuit crunch...now when I think of biscuits I imagine hob nob creams or chocolate digestives...or chocolate hob nobs...so my new walls freshly painted in biscuit crunch should have me wanting to lick them...nah...more soggy rich tea...yuk...although the colour is gorgeous I think the name of the paint is very misleading to a fine biscuitier like myself!
My arms and back are killing me and I want nothing more than to slip into a bath filled with radox and then crawl into bed to rest my weary bones but have to feed the five thousand in a bit...well the kids anyway.
We had to take lunch in the garden today as I did not want the kids ingesting paint fumes that would surely have had them spluttering over their ham sandwiches...so we set out a lil blanket and had ourselves a little picnic...and had such a laugh...not sure if we were all high off the paint fumes but we did not stop laughing!!!
Had to have some pringle fun obviously you can`t have pringles and not do this:

The funniest thing happened while we were outside...well I think it was one of those funny had to be there moments...I got a text, my phone vibrates and makes a buzzing sound when a text comes through, only Ella thought it was some winged insect flying towards her in attack mode...she jumped higher than a house...well Harry and I thought this was the funniest thing and fell about the floor laughing...in fact I am still laughing now ... does this make me evil mum!!!

I am off now to stir fry some chicken in several cloves of garlic to try and cover up the overpowering smell of paint!!!

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