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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Cry Me a River...

...or a pond at the very least...

We have had thunder and lightening here most of the afternoon and so much rain...look what has happened to my back garden, now we have told the kids it is our new water feature but I don`t think they are buying it...however I never thought I would cature a photograph of my cordyline under water!!!

As I was about to go back inside I spotted a rainbow, I love rainbows they always remind me of being a little girl...which sometimes I wish I was.

Have replaced the PC today as well...where in the world PC world, that bloody song has been going round in my head all day. So I now have a very sleek and sexy Dell with 19 inches of tft screen I tell you...lots of other rams and sheep and things too!!! Although I did manage to unpack, set up and install everything successfully ALL by myself and with a groin strain injury too...which I managed to aquire whilst lifting the hard drive box into the bloody boot of the car...if only I had fluttered my eyelashes at the very nice salesman in PC world I am sure he would have flexed his muscles carried it with one hand and opened the boot and discussed internet safety and megabytes all at the same time!!!

So after I left PC world I headed into Hobbycraft to purchase some bling, going to a wedding at the beginning of September and my Mum and I have decided we are Blinging it up big time...so I am making her a headband/tiara and myself a comb with beads and feathers...yummmmmmeeeeeeee...I love to dress up. So I am sat on the floor in Hobbycraft matching beads and bling up for my Mums headpiece and I could not get up...Mummy had to help me!!!

I am off to the shops tomorrow after work to research getting me a gorgeous dress...oh and I am definately going to need new shoes and a bag too ;-)...hmm just have to decide whether this is going to be a credit card emegency!!!!

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