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Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Had a Proper family day today!!! We would have packed a picnic lunch...but I really don`t do that...so we spent £15.00 in Sainsburys at Oxford Road in manchester on pre packed butties...oh the shame!!!
Took the kids to the MOSI...or to you and me the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester...One word...BORING...the kids thought it was great but I just realised how much I hate museums...unless they are museums of fashion and shoes and handbags...oh yes then I am in heaven!!!
Luckily I took my camera to alleviate the boredom a little...and then we went shopping...yeah my favourite pastime!!!
These are my fave piccies of the day
Waiting for the train

Harry at the Hilton!!!

Basically...sitting on a wall in front of a steam engine!!!

Sorry But I really love the symmetry of this photo!!!

Unfortunately we couldn`t get in the tardis to transport ourselves to another world!!!

And I know its really late but for my ladies who are booked in on my workshop tomorrow at Edwin Allen this is the double page Layout that we will be doing

OOh and I nearly forgot...I got this in the post this morning, its my prize for the article in this months CardMaking and Papercraft...not opened it yet though...will have a play tomorrow...OMG have just realised they cost £100

Thanks for looking xxx

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